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So far since Salesians decided to go and share the life with the people in the camp, one priest is currently spending his weekend with the refugees in an identic house like refuges and given by one family. It’s important to understand how they have been generous to us and gave us the first Salesian home in the camp. On the Feast of Corpus Christi-June 18th Fr Arasu celebrated two Masses and lunched the Salesian experience and emergency in the Palabek Refugee camp.

In collaboration with Fr. John Barth, the Salesian are constructing two chapel funded by Fr John. He has a great heart and love for people that he is also supporting some skills development program as well as cultural activities such as sport programs.

Salesians Sacraments are offering to the people in the camp a continuous and regular spiritual support. We celebrate the Eucharist for the people of God, we reconcile them with God through the sacrament of penance, and we anoint the sick. In August 58 infants were baptized. More will be baptized in the coming months.

Considered that the Salesians are still in the phase of learning the local language, they focus on the formation of the catechist who will be able to communicate and goo in the various corners of the camp for the organisation and leading in the sharing of the word of God. In that line, regular pastoral meetings are held and leadership training is also given to them.