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Poultry Feed Project

Secret of any income generation project is sustainability, meaning, able to withstand, continue smoothly and durability. A Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) distributed 11 croiller chicks to number of families with the intention of income generation and providing food security. But after an initial supply of feed to the quality of only

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Skilled Refugees Feel Useful at the Settlement Camp

To feel useful is a basic human need. Often refugees feel emotionally abandoned and find their spirits very low. Salesians of Don Bosco who have started constructing emergency shelters as well as more permanent school structures have vowed to use skilled workers among the refugees to realize their project. Salesians

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Brewing Alcohol in Refugee Settlement

Making local brew is a common income generation project at Palabek Refugee Settlement. It is commonly done by women to get some income to run the family. It has pros and cons. Though it is a relatively easy to get into this business and make some money, especially for desperate

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