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Brewing Alcohol in Refugee Settlement

Brewing Alcohol in Refugee Settlement

Fr. Arasu.

Making local brew is a common income generation project at Palabek Refugee Settlement. It is commonly done by women to get some income to run the family. It has pros and cons. Though it is a relatively easy to get into this business and make some money, especially for desperate women of the refugee settlement, it creates several other problems.
Many take up to drinking which is often due to unemployment and a situation of “nothing to do”. It leads to other problems such as domestic violence, child-neglect, and alcoholism, especially among women who have access to drinking.
The only way to reduce this trend is to keep women busy, keep them active in other productive employment and income generation activities and giving them some skills which can even help them to earn more and live more dignified lives.
We have introduced activities such as vegetable growing and poultry farming. Soon we are starting shoe-making and soap production.

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