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Construction of a Shelters

Construction of a Shelter for the Refugee Chaplain


Construction of a Shelter for the Refugee Chaplain

In the month of August the Salesian Father, Lazar Arasu SDB who has been a long time missionary in Uganda was appointed as the Chaplain of Refugees in Palabek Refugee Settlement. From June until his appointment in August he has been serving in the Camp while residing in Gulu town which is over 100 kms from Palabek.
When he opted to live in the camp a senior Catechist Eugenio, who is a refugee himself offered him a little room to stay. Now the refugees are contributing bricks, bamboo poles, grass and other items to build for him a little larger grass-thatched hut. He is excited beyond measure. This little “house” will serve him as his sleeping room and a little office for chaplaincy.
Now that he is getting a better house, Fr. Arasu is dreaming of putting a little bulb for lighting and a socket for charging his torch-light. But he is in need of a solar panel, a battery and a power-charger, which approximately costs about 350 US $.

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