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The Salesian community of Don Bosco Palabek organized a group singing and dance competition in the refugee camp on June 16, 2018. The cultural event was held at Daniel Comboni chapel in Zone 5 A block 2. The chief animators of the programme were Rev. Fr. Papi Reddy SDB and Rev. Fr. Jeffry Albert SDB.

The aim of the programme was to help the young to discover their talents and to bring them under one umbrella the church that they may cherish the love, support of each other and build a fraternal community. The competition commenced with a prayer at 11am with all the participants of ten chapels in the camp. The chief guest of the programme was Rev. Fr. Kizito Alfred the youth animator of the kitgum denary.

The Judges of the programme were invited from kitgum, St. Mary Catholic Parish Kitgum Mission. At the end of the programme the prizes were given out by the chief guest with a note of thanksgiving. The participants of the programme were more than 1500 young people. With the help of the church in need project we were able serve food for these young people. The programme concluded with a short prayer by Fr. Papi Reddy and wished every one God’s blessings.

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