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Origin and Location

Origin and Location

Palabek Refugee camp was set up in March this year-2017, now it houses at least 36,000 people in 8 Zones, which are further divided into Blocks. It is in the political/civil Lamwo district, within Acholi sub-region of northern Uganda.

About a decade ago this area was ravaged by the notorious Lord’s Resistance Army/Rebels. Most of the town centers and the villages were destroyed by the rebel activities.

UN, Lutheran World Federation (LWF) and a few other NGOs together with Ugandan Government are involved in various logistics and service supply.

Palabek Refugee Camp is 77 kms from Gulu town through the shortest route. There are other roads leading to the camp. Though it is mud-road, it is passable. A district road through Atiak is the best but could be at least 140 kms from Gulu. It makes 172 kms from Gulu. Gulu town is the largest town of northern Uganda and it is 340 kms from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda.