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Refugees Sell their Precious Food

Refugees Sell their Precious Food to Buy other Basics


Refugees Sell their Precious Food to Buy other Basics

There is hierarchy of needs. Food is one of the basics. But besides food there are other basic needs for meaning living. They are clothes, medicine, oil, soap, slippers and few other items. Sometimes they are also as important as food. Or they can be even more important than food itself. We can also witness refugees sell food to buy seeds for planting and exercise books for school-going children.
Young girls need Vaseline and few other hygiene products to sustain their daily life. As the refugees are grateful to United Nations and other service providers for food they are not able to get other basic items. Now the refugees resort to sell their limited food-ration of maize-flour, beans and oil to buy the urgent needed commodities. Indeed it is barter system of ancient days of humanity.
Often it is heart-breaking to see people selling food to acquire other basic needs. This act can lead to malnutrition and other health issues. It is time to meet other basic needs of refugees.

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