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Skilled Refugees

Skilled Refugees Feel Useful at the Settlement Camp


Skilled Refugees sale food in the Camp

To feel useful is a basic human need. Often refugees feel emotionally abandoned and find their spirits very low. Salesians of Don Bosco who have started constructing emergency shelters as well as more permanent school structures have vowed to use skilled workers among the refugees to realize their project.
Salesians who are the first ones to put up structures in Palabek Refugees Settlement are using skilled workers from the refugee community. Now the refugees feel wanted, accepted and appreciated. They are also given fair wages and remunerations for their work. It is a way of earning something for their livelihood. Now they are able to supplement food items besides what they receive from UNHCR/WFP.
In the construction project the Salesians are also engaging a number of young men who are unskilled giving them skills as they work. It is “Learn As You Work” programme. We are sure to succeed and we cannot go wrong.

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