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Young people are trained in new skills to be self sufficient

Faithful to the mission, Salesians of Don Bosco in the Africa of the Great Region, have been now nearly three years, committing to improve the lives of south Sudanese refugees in Uganda. Through their humanitarian and religious interventions, with the support of funds from Van Kestern foundation, an agreement with Don Bosco JUGENDHILFE WELTWEIT (JuWe) was made so that a multi complex center could be established in Palabek. These facilities were made of workshop, classes, and staff houses. The same organization supported also various activities in order to improve the lives of refugees and the host community in Palabek.

In august 2018 a new vocational school construction started in order to accommodate young people and adult so that they could learn Skills. In the same month water program became a reality improving the access to clean water for all the refugees and host community beneficiaries. Later in the month of January the school recruited the first staff and the first students who completed their six month training last July and now doing their best to earn from their skill.

Students by department

With this July 2019 end of training more 471 youth enrolled in the Vocational School an trained by and 13 teachers in these five (5) departments: Tailoring, Hair dressing, Agriculture, Building and Concrete Practice and Motor cycle repairs. The school accommodates male and female, youngster and sometimes young mothers or pregnant women. Please see below our statistics.

A part from these skills, a lot was done to reinforce the peaceful cohabitation of people in that area. Livelihood activities were also on the program and the beneficiaries were trained in environment concerns, VSL program and entrepreneurship skills.

A great word of appreciation to our benefactors, our superior for all the support, the local team Frs Arasu, Jules-Louis, Rogers, Jeffrey, Ubaldino, Br Jean Serge and the lay collaborators for all the dedication for the wellness of the people of God in the Palabek Refugee camp.

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